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Obama vs. Wright

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By now I’m quite sure that those of you who keep up with current events are aware f the situation between Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. That being said, here are my thoughts. This shit represents the type of “in fighting” that stands in the way of black progress. This is yet another example of how skillfully the media can engineer a rift between two prominent black figures while imparting trick-knowledge in the process.

Let’s start with Rev. Wright. Although I am not religious, when this story first broke I figured this man’s words were probably being taken out of context so I went on youtube and did the knowledge to the sermons in question. I would suggest that anyone who wants to see just how far they went to misrepresent him do the same. The soundbites shown on various news-outlets don’t offer the full gist of his statements, most of which were true. These fractional snippets have been used to unjustly vilify the man and label him as anti-american and anti-white.

The other key thing to consider is the way that by making Rev. Wright out to be such a monster and noting the connection between he and Obama, the media makes Obama seem “guilty” by association. Guilty of what you ask? They want to project the idea that if his former Pastor feels this way, then so does he. The only problem is proving that to be true. So I guess that two people have to share the exact same views on everything in order to be acquainted huh? Get the fuck outta here! That’s absurd.

The really sad thing is that Obama felt like he had no choice but to come out and “denounce” the man. He would never admit this, but the reason he felt this way is because he has to ease the minds of white voters. He can’t afford to have them thinking that he shares Wright’s belief’s regardless of the truth in them because this would alarm them and make it impossible for them to feel that he has their best interests at heart to the same degree that he does the “minority” voter’s.

It’s a difficult position for them both. This comes at a bad time for Obama as he tries to hold off Clinton. And it’s unfortunate for Wright because he’s been misquoted by the media and essentially thrown under the bus by someone that was once a friend and church member who has now denounced and discredited him publicly to serve his own personal interests. I bet Clinton and McCain are getting a huge kick out of this. Its just the type of fuel that white supremacy has run off of for years………..remember people……DIVIDED WE FALL!!!




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The idea that there is a time and place for everything, is one that I agree with. It should be universally understood that at certain times you just don’t do certain things. Conversely, there are certain times when you should do certain things automatically. Here are some examples. If a friend tells you that they just lost their job, you don’t ask them to borrow money (if you did they’d probably curse you out). But if a friend calls you and says that their mom just died you should automatically offer your condolensces. These examples apply to socially accepted timing for basic scenarios. But sometimes, one must use knowledge based judgement to determine the best time to do or say something. Unfortunately, some people need to seriously work on their timing in such situations. Everyday some guy will tell his woman how fine she was “back in the day” (of course she takes this to mean that she currently looks like a pile of two day old shit). Or some woman will wait until her man is comfortably sitting back with a cold-one, watching the game, to come bug the hell out of him about some bullshit that happened at work (as if he cares especially at this most inopportune time). The moral of the story is, if you use some common sense and consideration you can appropriately time your words and actions. In this way, you can more harmoniously co-exist with others….and hopefully avoid gettin’ cursed out ;).


Start Strong

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It’s been said that a strong start can set one on course for a strong finish. Today being Monday, its important to try to make it as good a day as possible and set the pace for the rest of the week. Since Monday is the busiest business day of the week, act accordingly and try to get as much of your business taken care of as possible. It makes the rest of week go more smoothly because with each passing day the number of things on your plate will steadily decrease. Attack each week in this way and you should be consistently productive.


Weekend Productivity

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Today’s mathematics is wisdom equality all being born to build or destroy.  Wisdom is knowledge applied as well as discernment or judgement.  Equality is balance which is maintained accross the board.  I see wisdom equality as applying one’s knowledge to all things and approaching all things strategically.  In doing so one can be as efficient as possible in getting things accomplished while minimizing the areas in which they are weak or non-productive.  One way in which this can be applied is by maximizing one’s time during weekends.  I have a t-shirt that says, “Life is 90% hustle and 10% sleep.” The point is, the more free time you have, the less productive you are.  That being said, its important to keep oneself occupied with constructive activity.  For example, instead of layin’ around all day on a Saturday, try taking care of some business that you were unable to get to during the week.  Do some laundry, straighten up your house, or spend some quality time with your seeds.  You get alot more value out of your “free-time” when you use it to get something accomplished.  The most successful people in the world tend to be the busiest and they very rarely have time to just chill and do nothing.  Let that marinate and try incorporating that into your way of life.  It will definitely pay off.



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We’ve made it through another week. On the heels of yesterday’s “pep-talk” I figured I would keep it short and sweet today:). I offer to you this jewel to walk with…

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”

-Akeelah and the Bee-



Today I want to build on something that I hear a lot of people saying that they wish they had more of. Its something that we all could probably stand to call upon more frequently. I’m talking about “will power,” which is defined by as the determination to do something. I personally think that its more than that.

I see will-power as the merging of one’s ability to effect or control something with the desire to do what’s needed to achieve a desired result. This is a concept that can be applied to many things such as dieting, excercising, reading, knowledgin’ 120, anything that requires that one start a course of action and see it through to completion. Discipline is basically synonymous with will-power because without it one will surely fail in staying the course.

If you take the concept and break it down, you find that the two separate components are important when they stand alone, which is why together they form one quality that is so useful. Will is what one desires to have happen. It is a determined idea that is born in the mind, an idea that one is so strongly attracted to that they may attempt to make it reality. Power is the ability to exert the energy and force needed to make the idea manifest.

When you put the two together you have a formula that can be used to do monumental things. And the beauty of it is that the two components reside within us all. We all have things that we want to do and the power to make them happen. Many of us just don’t know it. I get so tired of hearing people say they wish they could lose weight, or they wish they could stop smokin’ squares. To hell with all that wishin’. Look inside yourself and find the will-power needed to do it. Do I practice what I preach? No doubt. I can be better but i’m workin on my weak points. But generally I finish what I start. I don’t wish to be in shape, I lift 4 times per week and eat a decent diet to make it happen. I don’t wish I knew 120 I’m doin’ the knowledge and I’m almost done. The moral of the story is anything worth starting is worth finishing as long as its constuctive. So read that book, hit those weights, get on that diet…whatever you need to devote due dilagence to, get on it. The only thing stoppin’ you is you!




Today, I’m not gonna waste anytime in getting into this topic because it is one that is very relevant to this day and time, especially here in C-Medina (Chicago).  About forty Chicago Public School students have been  killed here recently and the weather hasn’t even broken yet.  Gun violence has become more than a problem, it is now more like an ever present dark cloud that hovers over the black community.  Unfortunately, this is nothing new, nor is it specific to this cipher.  Anyone that resides in a large metropolitan area will report the same shit happening in the black community where they rest.  The burning question is why?

Certainly, there’s a myriad of reasons, some of which we don’t like to face up to.  For example, did you know that black people perpetuate just as much hate and treachery towards one another as their oppressor?  It’s true just look around you, you’ll see it if you really look.  And here is one of the things that contributes mightily to that: as a people we do not have very effective conflict resolution skills when dealing with one another!  Now let that sink in for a minute.  Think about the people around you, hell think about yourself. Ask yourself, how often do we curse each other out and raise our voices at each other, often times over shit that’s not even that serious.  Consider how often you’ve been out in the world and seen brothers and sisters get into it over some stupid shit ie. somebody talkin’ to someone else’s significant other, one drunk person kickin’ it off with somebody that wasn’t even botherin’ them.  I bet you can think of quite a few occaisions.  And when these situations arise, instead of trying to de-escalate the situations what do we do?  Instigate, act out of pride instead of love, and go grab pistols and start shootin’.  And usually the people that get hit are innocent bystanders.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that we walk around and let people treat us any old kind of way or walk all over us.  All I’m saying is that if you really analyze it and ask what type of shit is worth ending another person’s life over, the list should be shorter than it appears to be.  When you take another person’s life, that act does not born anything positive.  Jail time, your own death, or the death of someone close to you…that shit doesn’t sound positive to me, how about you?  Understand this, there’s so much woven into the fabric of this society to keep you down that your oppressor doesn’t need any help.  Your brothers and sisters do though.  We need each other for we are all connected black people.  Imagine if we all could at least feel safe in our own neighborhoods.  Imagine if we talked shit out like civilized people instead of killing each other over petty conflicts that could be resolved more intelligently.  Or what if we stopped waiting on our oppressor or a mystery God to come make shit better for us and started really working to improve our own conditions. 

Yeah I know that shit sounds “Utopian” as hell.  But it could easily be reality, if we dared to make it so.  Ask yourself what can you do to add on and make that fantasy a reality.  And when you come up with some answers convert those answers into action toward that end and make it happen.  I don’t believe this shit can happen…..I know it can.  Will it be difficult, of course.  Will it take work and sacrifice, no doubt.  But so what, we are more than worth it, the future of our children is worth it and peace and happiness are more than worth it.  That’s what me an mine are on.  That’s what the Gods and Earths are on…..what the fuck are you on???  Ask yourself……………………