“Wisdom Build”

Posted: June 28, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today’s mathematics is wisdom build which borns knowledge cipher, all being born to knowledge. Wisdom is judgement or discernment which knowledge allows one to exercise. Those of us who are, or claim to be wise, utilize our wisdom to determine whether building or destroying is necessary in a given situation. Build and destroy represent the postive and negative ends of the polarity spectrum. Depending upon the cipher, it may be necessary to add on something that is missing or to subtract something which is not needed. The fact that wisdom build born knowledge cipher manifests the need to know what’s going on in a given situation in order to properly assess it, and decide how to deal within it. And knowledge cipher, which borns knowledge shows and proves that it all starts with knowledge which we know is the foundation of all things that exist. The day’s degree in the 1-36 states, “Yes, the trader made an inter-orientation saying that they would receive more gold for our labor, than they were earning in their own country.” I see this degree representing the deception to which original people fall victim on a daily basis. This deception is perpetuated by the 10% in various ways. For example, if you look at the state of BET (Black Entertainment Television) nowadays. One would think that with an entire network dedicated to black shows, movies etc. black people as a whole would stand to receive more “mental gold” than from any other television station. But instead, this channel is used to broadcast the wrong mental foods to our babies and make them act other than themselves. So, although there may be a few black people (10%) that have “received more gold” in terms of monetary gain, there are far more (85%) people who are being “made deaf dumb and blind” (23:1-36). When the devil finds out that he can make money off of black ideas and forms of entertainment, he will exploit any such opportunity to “rob all that he can so that he can live in luxury.” What he is using the black 10% to rob the 85% of is knowledge of who they truly are. By getting our own people to show us bullshit rap videos, money hungry preachers, and thoughtless movies that perpetuate accepted stereotypes of us, he is distracting us while he continues to engage in filthy affairs such as war and political maneuvering that keep us apart from his social equality. This also results in division among us because we start to think that we are all different. We need to wake our people up to the shit that’s going on around them because making knowledge born to them will put them in a position to take the devil off their planet.


Supreme Victory Allah


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