Part Wisdom (2)

Posted: July 2, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today, on this day of wisdom, I want to continue on the trail of thought that I began to blaze yesterday. This part of the build will get into the ways in which men can be guilty of leading women “in the wrong direction.” I think it is important to begin by drawing up the relationship between man and woman mathematically. Knowledge is synonymous with the original man and is the point from which all things expand. Wisdom, which represents the original woman, is the reflection of knowledge. So, that being the case, you can tell a lot about a man if you do the knowledge to his woman. Her ways and actions will manifest the light that her “sun” shines upon her in order to nourish and sustain her. Our build degree in the 1-40 states that “all of the above is caused by the sun of man.” This shows and proves that in many respects, a woman is what a man builds her to be. Although she is an individual and therefore her own person, the influence that a man has on a woman cannot be denied. So if a woman is wild and does not know “how to act at home and abroad” one need look no futher than her man to find out the primary cause. He too is probably a savage “who has lost the knowledge of himself and is living a beast way of life” thereby, advocating whatever foul behavior she exhibits. And more often than not if you examine a woman’s past Koran you will find more than one such savage. So however much time she lost receiving only the dim light of unfit “suns” represents periods during which she was mentally on life support, if not mentally dead. For some women this has been more than half of their lives.

Our knowledge degree in the 1-10 says that the original man is the “maker.” The question is what are you making man? Are you making babies that you don’t take care of? Are you making time for your woman? Are you making things better or worse in the life of this woman? If your answers to these questions are negative, then you need to stop fuckin up and get yourself together because the reality that your babies and their mothers live is created by you! So if they are all fucked up, its your fault! That knowledge degree says that the original man is also the “owner.” So take ownership of your responsibility to these women and hold them down. That doesn’t mean tell them what they want to hear, tell them what they NEED to hear. Civilize her and reverse the devil’s magnetic by teaching her how to eat the right foods both mentally and physically. The degree also says that the original man is “god of the universe” and god born build which shows and proves that building is part of our nature. So when you reverse that polarity on a woman and “destroy” her instead of building her up you are undermining her growth and development, wasting 57,255,000 sq. miles of land, and projecting a less than favorable reflection of yourself into the universe. So the next time you find yourself talking about how fucked up our women are or how much bullshit your woman is on consider the causitive part that you play in the equation and draw it up.

SV Allah


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