“Magnetism” the Sun

Posted: July 6, 2008 in Uncategorized
The sun, the piece with the magnetic.

The sun, the piece with the magnetic.


Last night, I went to born equality divine (bed) drawing up the concept of magnetism. Before I called it a night, I started doing the knowledge to the magnetic properties of the sun and the earth. What I found was not surprising. Both the sun and the earth have magnetic properties but the sun’s magnetic field is much more complex than that of the earth. It is extremely active and volatile and magnetic fields project energy from its surface to its crown or corona which cause this area of the sun to have an extremely high temperature. Considering these and the other facts that I did the knowledge to, I naturally started to meditate on the science of myself as the sun. It is indeed a strong and accurate parallel.

Our wisdom wisdom degree in the 1-40 discusses the relationship between the piece with the magnetic and the piece without. Everything about being the piece with the magnetic is not always positive or beneficial depending on the situation. When we consider the knowledge degree in the 1-10 and its definition and description of who the original man is, that definition gives him multiple titles. But these are just a few of the ways that he can be described. Yes, he is the “maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth, the father of civilization, and god of the universe, but he is much more than that. Just like the magnetic field of the sun, that of the original man is complex and ever changing. If you liken the sun’s corona to the brain of the original man the temperature of both can rise quickly when magnetic energy is projected toward them. This explains why some men are referred to as “hot headed.” When that heat rises it can result in explosive activity. I see this in myself a lot. Sometimes, when my mood is disturbed or I get caught up in a cold current, it feels as if there is something building inside of me. I can feel myself about to get pissed off and that causes foul thoughts to immediately race through my brain. My mind starts to calculate strategies for verbal war and contemplates the infinite tapestries of expletive infused rage that I will hurl at a potential opponent at a moments notice. In most cases the target is my wiz. She unfortunately never has and never will be able to scratch the surface of my complexity. Even if she tried to draw it up, she would just end up distilling back from which she came. I don’t say this as a criticism of her as much as just to state a fact. I have never met a woman that could and I doubt seriously that I ever will. The mathematics of self is just to futuristic. Sometimes, I almost feel sorry for my wiz though because instead of adjusting her approach to dealing with me and remaining at her prescribed 93,000,000 mile distance, she will invariably continue trying to get closer. By doing so she is risking exposure to extreme heat from solar winds that could be damaging. The illest aspect of this concept is that I as the “sun of man” cause all of this to happen. I tell you, being God is some serious and very heavy mental shit!


SV Allah


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