+/- “A Game of Pool”

Posted: July 8, 2008 in Uncategorized


Build or destroy, which is today’s mathematics, represents opposing directions. One manifests the positive end of polarity and the other manifests the negative end. Up or down, high or low, yes or no….it’s all relative. Build and destroy are both action verbs. That being the case, regardless of which angle is manifested something must take place. In order to build a home you have to gather materials and arrange them based on a blueprint. In order to destroy a building, you have to use a wrecking ball to break it down. Either way, it calls to mind the wisdom culture degree (1-40) in that there is a determined idea to do either. And, if you take wisdom and multiply by culture you get back to build or destroy.

When I think about build or destroy, which is the number 8 in supreme mathematics the game of pool comes to mind. What a beautiful game it is. A competitive war of geometric calculations waged within four 90 degree angles. The object of the game is to sink the black 8 ball. The 8 ball takes the role of builder and destroyer depending on how you look at it. If you sink it and win, then it builds your confidence and makes you feel like you can keep sinking it and keep winning. But if you get on the 8 ball and continue to miss shot after shot it can destroy your confidence, throw you off of your game, and make you not want to play anymore. It’s confontational and one on one. So what do I do? I play to win and just like in life, once I start making the right calculations….game over!

SV Allah


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