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Born, the way I draw it up, signals the culmination of one process and the beginning of the one that is to follow. When a child is born, his preliminary life in the womb is complete, so now his/her life in the “outer” world begins. When a bodybuilder is in training for competition it is called the “season” or being in “season.” It is during this true I master equal that they tighten up their diets and reduce the poundages that they lift in order to get as lean as they can so that their muscles will reflect symmetry and definition. Conversely, after the competitive season is over, they start to eat more and lift heavier in order to get bigger. The wisdom phases are each integral parts of the cycle.

The science of born is that it not only represents the end result of a process, but it also makes a statement about the process itself. The two are inter-related. Wisdom equality live in a result oriented world. People are constantly trying to streamline or simplify processes in order to achieve results quicker. The problem is that thoroughness and attention to detail can be by-products of such short cutting. Arduous journey represents tests which make us strong and creative. Some of the greatest inventions were born out of trying times or long courses of study. The moral of the story is….appreciate the journey and it is sure to born a more beneficial and satisfying result.

SV Allah


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