Payday Mathematics

Posted: July 18, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today is a critical day that comes every wisdom weeks for me, payday. It’s easily the most mathematically active time of the month for my third from a quantitative perpsective. Since everybody’s got their hand out, there are always some key decisions to be made. What makes the math allah love love the more stressful is those unexpected expenses that just seem to appear out of thin air. Somethin’ goes wrong with the cee allah rule, or ya ole earth need to borrow wisdom add two, yall know the science. The only way to maintain during this time is to calculate carefully and prioritize. The first people I pay are the ones from whom I get things that I need everyday ie. my phone service, born jewel. Then I factor in other key expenses such as transportation costs to and from the justice cipher born and god degree to sustain myself for the next wisdom weeks. All of these calculations have to be made as accurately as possible to make sure that the key bases are covered. The goal is to end up with something left over to save or do some fly shit with. This is easier said than done especially if you got seeds or a wiz who’s full of bright ideas on how you and your gold can finance her trip to the holy city of Mecca or add on to her build jewel for the summer. If the god is not on point its easy to fall victim to the devils civilization and get on some frivolous shit buyin shoes, gear, large quantities of equality, whatever your weakness may be. At times it can be difficult to maintain discipline when it comes to spending. Every now and then you feel like you want to reward yourself for your hard work, which is peace, you just can’t over do it.

Well that’s the shit that I’m dealin with right now : payday math. I build that yours and mine yeilds a little bit of extra gold after we divide it up in a way that is right and exact……..

SV Allah


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