Swift and Changeable

Posted: July 29, 2008 in Uncategorized


Our build degree discusses the idea of being swift and changeable. This is definitely a prerequisite for anyone with a determined idea to navigate life’s mathematics. At a moment’s notice one must be ready for anything. Just as swiftly as you add a wiz on, within’ a day or so you may get into it with her and decide to destroy your relationship with her . A queen might have wisdom seeds that share a room and can’t seem to get along. They may fight so much that she decides to divide them so that they occupy different living quarters. When we apply mathematics to social interaction, we see that the current of the interaction drives one to choose a given mode of operation. Because these interactions can yield infinite possibilities, so must mathematics be correspondingly flexible in order to counter the swift and changeable nature of the relationship dynamics. This is true of not only its qualitative properties, but the quantitative properties as well. If you go to buy a cee allah rule and intend to pay cash, the deal that is ultimately struck will involve a math problem that will bend and stretch itself until it yields an answer that is mutually agreed to be right and exact by the salesman as well as the customer. Let’s say you have your eye on a cee allah rule with a sticker price of $10,500. You test drive it, do the knowledge, and decide that you like it. Now its time to deal. The salesman says that since you’re a nice person he will let you get it for knowledge add four even. At this point he has math in his mind based on the deal that he thinks you will strike and he doesn’t know that you intend to pay cash. You have the knowledge add four on you but you don’t plan to spend it allah love love. So you tell him that you can give him $8500 cash right now. Since you have now made knowledge born about the math that you are dealin’ with, his math now changes because as opposed to getting a higher lump sum paid incrementally, he now sees the opportunity to make a smaller lump sum, that can be collected all at one time. So he counters by saying the best that he can do is $8900 and you say $8700 take it or leave it. He goes to ask his manager if he can make it happen and the answer is why equal self. The deal is done b.u.t. throughout the negotiations the math numerically changed multiple times thus showing and proving the necessity of its swift and changeable nature which allows two mathematicians to effectively do trading. Whether it be qualitatively or quantitatively its about being right and exact in order to establish equality.

SV Allah


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