The 85%

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today I find myself meditating on the 85%. Anyone with knowledge of self should know who these people are b.u.t. when you really consider the science surrounding them, there is much to be discovered. Before I start to build on this I need to make a statement. Often times, those of us with knowledge do not manifest patience or understanding with the 85%. I readily admit that I can be guilty of this and it represents a devil that I am fighting to take off of my planet. This is an idea that’s extremely important for us to face up to because we are inextricably linked to the 85%. This is a fact that I will show and prove thoroughly. Allah love love that being said, let’s first establish who the 85% are. The knowledge culture degree states that they are the uncivilized people, poison animal eaters, slaves of a mental death and power, people who do not know who the true and living god is or their origin in this world and they worship something they know not what, people who are easily led in the wrong direction and hard to lead in the right direction.

So now that we have laid out the definition, let’s dig into the degree. Slavery, generally tends to be something imposed upon one group of people by another group of people. There is a perpetrator, or slave master and a victim which is the slave. Ask yourself,  how can you avoid enslavement by a mental death and power without knowledge? It can’t be done. A lack of knowledge is the overriding theme in the degree, and the primary reason for the condition of the 85%. This idea is even further manifested in that not only do they not know, but they “worship” something they know not what! The born degree says that the devil keeps them worshiping something he knows they cannot see. Only a victim of a powerful mental disease would do such a thing. Also there are culture degrees of separation between the knowledge culture and the knowledge build degree which clearly states that the duty of the civilized person is to teach the uncivilized people (85%). Culture being one’s ways and actions, we teach them how to act as well as how to be righteous, the knowledge of themselves, and the science of everything in life, love, peace and happiness.  So if we don’t teach them who will?  It damn sure won’t be the devil! Also, build power born knowledge understanding.  The knowledge understanding degree gives a ray of hope, as it states that there’s a chance to recover from a mental death.  And of course knowledge understanding born culture and the corresponding degree in the supreme alphabet is divine or destroy depending on the polarity.  Naturally, in this case it is destroy as that is what the devil does when he leads the 85% in the wrong direction.  As you move up in the 1-40 you reach the equation involving the knowledge equality through knowledge born degrees.  This equation reveals who the five percent are, defines civilization, maps out the duty of a civilized person and also borns what must be done if a civilized man does not perform his duty. Duty is the key word.  It is definitive and gives us no choice in the matter.  If you move build degrees up in the 1-40 to the wisdom god degree, you come across the concept of patience, which I mentioned toward the beginning of this post. This is no coincidence for if you are building, then you are dealing with the science of “I John” and you are acting as a brother (or sister) and companion in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience to those who need you the most.    The math spells it out.  So we can’t allow ourselves to get on some high and mighty shit just because we have knowledge.  If you aren’t taking shit from knowledge to born then you are nothing more than a rest haven for potential and a spectator watching the majority of your people fall victim when you can come in one day and destroy their oppressor.  Allah is god, always has been and always will be so show and prove!





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