The Holy City of Mecca

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Uncategorized


My knowledge degree in the 1-14 states that the best part is at the “Holy City of Mecca.” Everyone has their own personal Mecca. It can be the company of a person that you are attracted to…., maybe a wiz manifestin that power degree in the actual facts….crazy hills and mountains (1,910,000 sq. miles) :). It can be in a good book, a good album, a video game, whatever it is that allows you to mentally escape hell in the wilderness of North America.

Mecca, for me, is manifested mentally in various ways. Yesterday, I got a free transportation to “the Holy City” courtesy of a real peace wiz that surrounded me in the warm current of her hospitality. In this wild beast of a society that’s not something that one experiences everyday so I certainly don’t take it for granted. Often times in the poor part of the planet, whether it be geographically or in the mind, it’s the small things that we can extract joy from. So peace to you moon of whom I speak, and rest assured I will be back to Mecca to make knowledge of the original man born further. 🙂



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