Gods Write at Night

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Uncategorized


It’s understanding minutes before the knowledge hour and I can’t sleep….go figure. Today’s mathematics is God and the day’s degree in the 1-40 is bangin’ in my third right now. How fast does our planet travel? 1037 1/3 miles per hour. The build degree states that the Earth revolves around the sun at this terrific speed. The crazy shit about it is, a lot of women don’t even know it. They dealin’ wit some wisdom knowledge shit instead of bearing witness to the proper order of the universe and then wonder why they lives are all fucked up and out of order. I’m not makin’ a sweeping generalization, I’m just callin’ what I cee all around me. I can count on one hand the number of sisters that’s actually strivin’ to be on some knowledge god shit and elevate to queen status. The rest of em’ are just nurses wit’ they pins locked and loaded for the God head when they think he ain’t lookin’. I ain’t honorin’ that shit. If they get some lessons on cee allah power then they’ll know that I’m the all eye seein’. They continue daily to force me to show forth and prove that Allah is God, always has been and always will be! That’s Allah…not Allahna…get my drift??? I know this master allah y sound like a rant and maybe it is b.u.t. so what, at least i’m spittin’ solar wind toward this blog post and not these other build planets that’s unfit to be Earth. The science on how we should deal with wisdoms is one math problem that the Gods are still workin’ on. We love yall and don’t expect you to be flawless, b.u.t. its not too much to expect some refinement out of you. Word is bond this savior he I square is fathoms deep. I just had to travel 2200 miles back to the single life because my ex-wiz was dodgin’ my light. My outlook at this point got me about to go into maintain mode because the Earth is addin’ ciphers on to her weight like a muthafucka as if wisdom knowledge ciphers wasn’t enough! All this emotional baggage and insecurity is makin women heavy as hell! Then the God gotta come through and remove all the devils that the last dude left on the planet. I know this might sound bad b.u.t. a lot of what I cee outta these wisdoms is deplorable…I can’t even focus on buildin’ no Earth out here in the poor part of the planet I gotta strive to look for the basics…civilization and M.G.T. and a clean consistent source of savior equality unknown. Oh well the struggle continues. Like I said I love my sisters but that’s a thankless justice cipher born……

SV Allah

  1. Peace God. What you said is right on point. I would like to add, although some sistas don’t knowledge the proper order of things, some brothas, God Cipher Divines included, be coming off other then self. Which f’s up the game for the rest of us. It’s a two way street. I’m going to deal with such topics in my future blogs on original mind, original family, black woman, and the black man is God. My blog is a determined idea. 17 topics I specifically manifested for the sista I was dealing with. Now I see that maybe it could be a preliminary for any sista I’m dealing with. So as not to waste any time. I have my blogspot printed on a business card and I give them out. To sistas I let em know, if you can knowledge my blogspot, then maybe we can build. Although it’s not finished yet. I have yet to get to my blog on polygyny, health, and refinement. Check me out. http://www.ALAWISONE.blogspot.com PEACE

  2. BSMALLAH says:

    Peace! Two things, first, All the above is caused by who? Second,
    if you work on being Mr. Right-Ms. Right will find you! Peace!

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