Renewing History

Posted: August 15, 2008 in Uncategorized


The knowledge degree in the 1-40 discusses the renewal of one’s history. This is a very necessary part of life as life moves in cycles. It moves in a series of small cycles and expansively operates in larger ones. Today’s degree in the supreme alphabet bears this out because “cipher” is a 360 degree continuum. Within the circle of life there will inevitably be change yielding oportunities for history renewal.

I am personally experiencing a new beginning in that I am starting a chapter of my koran during which I am single. Mentally, this represents a different sensation that I am still adjusting to. It’s not all bad, just different from what I had become accustomed to. I intend to operate with the determined idea to be righteous and be “my own self” in dealing with these wisdoms. I certainly anticipate there being 1,910,000 sq. miles of hills and mountains to eclipse as I move through the world casually seeking peace wisdoms with whom I can co-exist. I mean them no harm and simply seek to make knowledge and wisdom of the original man born to them. In the process i’m taking Jerusalem back, so that I have a place of peace to rest at as this journey ensues. Well, without any further delay…off I go…

SV Allah

  1. BSMALLAH says:

    Peace to DaGod! I am grateful to God for the Knowledge Degree in the 1-40 and for knowing I have 24 hrs in a day and if I don t get it right I get another 24 and I write it-Life is what I make it!

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