“My uncle does not know that he is my uncle…”

Posted: August 16, 2008 in Uncategorized


I talk on the power he one all day at the justice and I talk to all kinds of people from all over the country.  I primarily speak to colored people over the age of power cipher regarding benefits of various sorts ie. health, dental, life insurance etc.  Yesterday, I was on the phone with this gentleman who indeed was a retired colored man and we had a brief yet friendly conversation.  I can’t remember exactly what we talked about but there was one thing about the conversation that stuck out.  He said to me, “you are certainly very articulate, you almost sound like a man of God.”  Now, although I am God I certainly wasn’t going to say that to him on a recorded phone line, so I said the closest thing that I felt I could get away with, “well sir, in a manner of speaking, I guess you could say that I am :)”.  What made his statement so ill to me was the fact that unknowingly, this man was knowledgin’ God.  That’s peace, but its also very ironic when I draw it up.  The irony is that within’ that brief conversation, without really even trying, I was able to get this colored man to bear witness to my light, but getting my own original brothers and sisters to do so, when I am making a concerted effort to shine, can be like pulling teeth.


The power degree in the 1-36, which is referenced in the title of this post, sets the expectation for this.  The statement, “my uncle does not know that he is my uncle” is letting you know that even though you look, walk, and talk like your own people, they still will not recognize you and in most cases they damn sure won’t honor you or love you.  The next degree tells you why, “he loves the devil because the devil gives him nothing.” That’s why they won’t love or honor you, because they love and honor the devil, who gives them nothing.  The people that are closest to you are not likely to accept light from you because they can’t see you for who you really are as one with knowledge of self.  They are not inclined to be receptive to the knowledge that you will attempt to make born to them even if they ask you to make knowledge born.  This is because the devil keeps them blind to themselves and has therefore mastered them.  The truth that you are attempting to reveal flies in the face of all of the tricknowledge that they have been ingesting mentally throughout their lives. This mental death is bliss for them so for you to offer them resurrection represents the antithesis of that bliss which they will naturally perceive to be negative.  It is an extremely difficult pill for them to swallow.  If a person is blind to him/herself then the overwhelming odds are they will be blind to you as well.  This is why its so important to relish every genuine opportunity that you get to teach those that wish to be taught whether it be civilization, righteousness, the knowlege of self, or the science of everything in life.  Whatever they seek from you mentally, it is your duty as a civilized person to give to them.  It is equally important to be prepared for the ridicule and attacks that you will inevitably face not only from those that flat out reject light but even from those who seek it.  Devil is the opponent of God, created by God, and he is therefore not an adversary to be taken lightly.  The lessons say tha Allah is seen and heard everywhere.  The same can almost be said about the devil in this day and time in that you will more often than not, be in his presence.  Teaching is very much a thankless job, but a very necessary one nonetheless.  The above image is of an original man teaching mathematics.  I like it because it reminds me of taking a look in the mirror :).



  1. Messiah ALLAH says:

    P.E.A.C.E Allah! Your Wisdom again, is True Indeed! I was given Knowledge of Self, in Divine Equality Cipher Equality Master Be Equality Rule of Be Cipher Knowledge Power and I now cee who I Be, b.u.t those around me who I share my Wisdom to, just don’t cee it, and Truth be told, it’s sad in my eyes because they look at me like I’m some kind of fool. My Ole Earth has distanced herself from me because she Knowledges me to be of the Devil, she’s content in the darkness and Knowing the complete absence of all lies and falsehood, I try to shed light in dark areas(so to speak),b.u.t it hasn’t taken though…You just hit the nail on the head with this Build


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