“It’s not that serious…”

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Uncategorized


A lot of times, due to the swift and changeable currents of life, we tend to take ourselves too seriously. We make “hills and mountains” out of molehills and cry “lakes and rivers” over what equates to spilled milk. Some true I master equal self its peace to let things be water under the bridge as opposed to drawing it up into the Earths rotation.

Regardless of how cool you perceive yourself to be or the high esteem in which people hold you, your persona will not enjoy an unassailed existence. There will be haters, embarassing, moments, and sometimes you might just be the butt of a good joke. It’s cipher king, go ahead and laugh at yourself. Let others laugh at you. It helps maintain equality because it lets people know that you’re human. That laughter is positive energy circulating and nowadays we need as much of that in the atmosphere as possible.


  1. BSMALLAH says:

    Peace young God! Point well-made and very well taken.

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