“Savior Equality Unknown”

Posted: August 22, 2008 in Uncategorized


Sex….allah king allah…savior equality unknown. Most people are havin’ it, some are enjoyin’ it, and some are deprived of it. Regardless, it is a fundamental part of most male/female relationships and represents a fundamental need for each individual on varying levels. Savior equality unknown born understanding, which is right and exact. The reason being that in order for two people to get down there is, in most cases, a mutual understanding involved. Both parties agree that they want things to get physical in that way.

When the understanding is clear then everything is peace. B.u.t. if one person is unclear on the terms then there can be problems. Within one party there may be feelings buried there or there could be destruction instead of building. There are numerous examples all around us. There tend to be a lot of men who will keep women blind to themselves so that they can master them. This is not building and it damn sure is not divine. There are also a good number of women out here causing trouble amongst righteous men by telling lies, accusing them, and causing them to fight and kill one another. The best case scenario is when there are two civilized people who can come to an agreement and deal harmoniously as it pertains to sex. Physically, sex is an intense expression of passion and an exchange of hormonal energy. We release tension and operate in a unique space. I find that it gives me balance and helps me renew the history of my equilibrium within body and mind. When its done right its a “victory” for both parties involved. I build that you are all getting what you need in that savior equality unknown realm…I sure did last night and the mathematics was definitely right and exact 😉

SV Allah


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