“Back to the Essence”

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Uncategorized



I started my day off by attending the funeral of my uncle Tony.  May the God rest in peace.  He was a peace individual, a good father and a loving husband to my aunt Gail….he will be missed by many.  Anytime a 5%er is in a church we are inclined to do the knowledge to the behavior of the “church folks”.  They generally tend to be good people, just different in how they see and do things.  With today’s degree in the 1-36 being, “I can hardly believe that unless they were made deaf dumb and blind” it played itself over and over in my third as I observed the funeral proceedings.  The reverend that delivered the eulogy referred to my uncle’s passing as a call from God that he had to answer.  I had no problem with that analogy.  Where he lost me was when he said that by accepting Jesus into your life, you can be ready when you have to answer that same call.  He went further to say that when you are prepared for the call, having accepted Jesus, you get to choose where you spend eternity.  My degrees started swirling around in my third like a tornado at its highest speed of rotation.


First of all, I don’t draw off of the idea of someone being “ready to die” unless they have been suffering for a prolonged period and simply want to be put out of their misery.  I would dare to say that very few people can truthfully say that they are ready to die.  How do you know that you will be ready when that true I master equal comes?  Secondly, I don’t bear witness to the idea of “everlasting life” or “life after death” as it has not been shown and proven to exist.  My knowledge understanding degree clearly states that “when a man dies he will never come back to tell the living whether he lied or not…”  With all of the amens and call and response affirmations offered up as this man eulogized my uncle, whether I wanted to believe it or not, I had to face the fact that these people were made deaf, dumb, and blind when they were babies.  They believe.


B.u.t. on a more positive note, I was able to draw up my wisdom understanding degree in the 1-40 and take the best part.  When I took the question, “what did he promise his nation that he would do?” and applied it to my uncle, I felt good about the fact that he lived up to the primary obligations that he took on in his life.  He manifested the knowledge degree to the fullest.  He was the maker of a good strong family with my cousin and my aunt, he was the owner of each and every responsibility that came along with that, he excelled at work and in his entrepenurial endeavors so he rose to the top like cream, he wrote his history by leaving a son to carry on his legacy, and by creating and being the starting point of all that he surveyed he was the father of civilization and God of his universe.  So peace to my uncle Anthony Black on his return to the essence, we enjoyed you while you were here.





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