“Mama’s Boy”

Posted: August 25, 2008 in Uncategorized


Wisdom power all being born to God. Today’s mathematics is the equation that has brought master equal this far in life. There is no way that I would be who I am, were it not for the sheer power of the wisdom through whom my physical was born back in god equality. My ole Earth is beyond description. She is my sister, friend, confidant, shrink…the list goes on and on. I don’t even entertain the idea of loving another woman as deeply as I love her, nor do I expect any woman to ever love me the way that she does. To harbor such an expectation would be searching for that which does not exist.

Over the years we have butted heads and there have been true I master equals when we could hardly stand one another. B.u.t. we each managed to recover from that mental death and maintain a strong bond rooted in the knowledge cipher jewel. Throughout my koran, I have shuddered at the thought of her returning back to the essence and have even distilled over it, y equal truth it will still happen some day. That’s why I do the best that I can to appreciate and enjoy her while she’s here. My last two wiz’s both called me a mama’s boy…….u damn right….always have been and always will be!



  1. Serenity Love Divine Earth says:

    Barack Obama’s mother was born and raised in Kansas. How do you know those white people he was with weren’t his relatives?

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