Swag Transcends…

Posted: August 27, 2008 in Uncategorized


So I woke up this wisdom god day on a contemplative and soulful current. I emerged from the born equality divine swimming in the deep water of self that is my soul. I see soul as the place from which our worldly originality is derived. It is linked to our minds so that it can extract thoughts and experiences to interpret and use as fuel to power our projection of ourselves to others in the form of an image.

Often true I master equal self, we mistakenly attempt to build an image based on material things or synthetic qualities that may garner attention, b.u.t. won’t manifest the true essence of who we are. Catch phrases such as “I am not my hair” or “the clothes don’t make the man” express this very truth. Although I am only a fractional physical expression of Allah, he is seen and heard everywhere so within that fractional expression, there is magnanimity. I find no greater joy than when I allow my soul to thrust its energy into the universe and effortlessly permeate my physical with such intensity that it can dialate the third eyes of others it is so detectable. It is at this point that I am being my “ownself”and manifesting the knowledge degree in the 1-10.

This is what the hood refers to as swag. The act of allowing the best and most desireable you to manifest and transcend your gear, shades, hair, and every other “shield” behind which you may try to hide. It’s when you are appreciated for being your butt naked inner self….that’s liberation 😉

SV Allah

  1. Peace Allah…
    You got Knowledge in the form of lessons only Understanding months ago? That newborn fire is evident! I recall my days as a newborn, & how I could see everything under the Math…The novelty may wear off, but learning never stops though, never lose the intensity of the fire, just be sure that you control it, & it doesn’t control you…

    Allah Universal
    Master Self (Mississippi), by way of Cream City

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