Understanding Knowledge

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today’s degree in the 1-40 born “To make devil what must one first do? To make devil one must first begin grafting from the original man.” If we consider this from an introspective standpoint, we realize that our own personal devils represent negative aspects of our personalities. These devils are our flaws, so we take their heads in order to achieve freedom from them. Once we bear witness to said flaws the day’s degree in the 1-36 comes into play…”Then what happened?” In other words, how do you react to the realization? Do you run these devils across the Arabian Desert or do you allow them to cause trouble amongst the righteous? Understanding knowledge born culture or freedom and the corresponding degree in the supreme alphabet born divine or destroy. Since I’m god cipher divine, when it comes to devil I destroy.

SV Allah


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