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So I’m fresh off an understanding day weekend, and that was definitely much needed. I traveled out to my ole’ Earth’s house yesterday to deal with some god degree and do the family thing. I got a chance to see my two younger cousins who live out in the suburbs, not too far from where my ole’ Earth’s rest is. They have both grown up so fast.

A year or two ago, their ole Earth (my aunt) returned to the essence. Naturally, this dealt them and my uncle a tremendous blow. When you are as young as they are and you face that type of tragedy it represents an unknown (x) that makes you wonder why it happened (y), and it can take years to extract an understanding of it (zig,zag,zig). Allah love love things considered they are doing remarkably well and I’m proud of them. They could easily have drowned themselves in self pity, b.u.t. instead they seem intent on getting on with their lives. This shows and proves that they have recovered from the mental death of grief and are learning to cope. I’m not suggesting that they are completely over my aunt’s death. It’s just that they’ve survived the earthquake.

My aunt had a lot of personal devils on her planet when she passed. She hit the bottle hard and when she did it made her act other than her ownself. I think she was ready to return to the essence because she was tired. She no longer had the energy to fight her internal demons. Her devils had begun to sting my cousins because they were allowed to live. It’s peace that they were able to endure those true I master equals and bounce back from them. They will need that strength and endurance as they advance through this life.

SV Allah

  1. BSMALLAH says:

    Peace to The God! Thanks for sharin from your koran, as well as, your aunt s and your lil cousins. I am not alone and I am not unique! We go through things to help other people get through something we have survived! I was raised with an alcoholic step-dad so, I understand those seeds(your cousins) and Aug. 31st was the 7 year mark I have been clean, free and clear of D-estroy R-ule U- G-od S-elf so, I understand your auntie.
    Love and Respect, stay Supreme!
    Peace BSMALLAH

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