Posted: September 6, 2008 in Uncategorized


“He loves the devil because the devil gives him nothing.” (1-36)

True indeed he loves the devil, and so does she. He gives her nothing…nothing but poison animal to eat so she can add on to her 21 ciphers. He gives her negative ideas about herself so that she will put weave in her hair and rock 1/4 as opposed to 3/4. He keeps her blind to herself so that he can master her. If you multiply equality times wisdom, the knowledge wisdom degree born the idea of acting other than self due to being fed the wrong foods wisdom degrees prior. Knowledge wisdom cipher tells us allah love love about wisdoms. The question is what are we doing with this knowledge? It must be made born to them father cipher rule they need to know just like we do. Wisdom being the wisdom understanding degree, which precedes unknown (X), is a message. The message is that you need to understand that she is leading you into unknown and unfamiliar territory. You do the knowledge to find out why (Y), and you end up at the understanding which is the zig zag zig, which I see as the whole story’s equation…zig=the intro/zag=the body/zig=the conclusion.

SV Allah


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