What’s the science?…Relaxation

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Uncategorized



Today I’m laid back.  Doin’ what God do, relaxin’ enjoyin’ the knowledge week of football season.  Football is the savior he I square!  It’s even better when you play fantasy football.  It cranks up your interest level in every game because your success depends on what your players do.  It’s really all mathematics.  Each week you calculate the best ways to manage your roster and there is much to consider, and constant potential adjustments that have to be made.  The complexion of the league is very swift and changeable.  Since I’m in a league where there is money on the line, i’m strivin’ to claim my wisdom wisdom degree (victory) and walk away with all the gold! 🙂


On this God day, I draw up my understanding build degree which states that allah is god, always has been and always will be.  His existence has no beginning nor end.  I am allah….Supreme Victory Allah to be right and exact.  I build to cee allah world manifest.  I live mathematics and teach the uncivilized people who are savages, civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of self and the science of everything in life, love, peace, and hapiness.  All praises due to Allah for knowledge and wisdom of the original man which liberates us and frees us from mental death.  Peace to the Father Allah for showin’ and provin that Allah is seen and heard everywhere, even in the hood.  Knowledge wisdom cipher is the key to taking our people from manifesting the knowledge culture degree to manifesting the knowledge equality degree.  Keep teaching.


SV Allah


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