The Wisdom Chapter

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

Danielle Math con’t (part Wisdom)

I went to grammar school with this wiz. She’s wisdom years older than me so although we were aware of one another as children, we didn’t really know each other personally. The queen is best friends with my older cousin. Fast forward to cipher equality. I get a call on the power he one from shorty invitin’ me to a party at her sister’s rest. Since I was already gon’ be out in the world at another party wit’ my mans I was like, “peace, we’ll stop through” which we did.

Since I already knew the queen’s resume, I figured there was a god cipher cipher divine chance that I could get wit’ her. She’s truly something to behold. A wisdom seed with allah love love natural hair neatly manifested as an afro puff. I’ve always had a weakness for wisdoms with an extra cipher or two on top of the weight of the Earth, so the fact that she was no exception was peace especially since the soft spots rested among crazy hills and mountains. Her smile was warmer than long johns and wool sweaters. She has perfect hands and feet which are father I truth to kiss. Virgo astrology, buddhist religion. Another of this wiz’s most endearing qualities was culinary expertise…the queen hook up god degree like an iron chef word is bond!

Our relationship materialized at a terrific speed and we started out spending a lot of time together. Most of that time was spent getting to know each other, smiling, and learning to love one another. We learned that well, as I love her still and always will. Unfortunately, as the sand passed through the hour glass, I started to see unkowns revealed which would ultimately lead to the relationshp’s downfall. I’m an aquarius and, allah self previously stated, the queen is a virgo so in other words we’re like oil and water. She likes to plan things far in advance where as I prefer to deal with what’s right in front of me, and leave space in my future koran for other things that may come up. She wants to get married and I don’t deal with that math. I have no need for it. Another key variable in this equation is that I got knowledge of self while we were together and since she was already dealin’ wit that 35,000 year old math the odds of her knowledgin’ god were minimal and I had to face the fact that we would never be able to speak the same language if I was the only one dealing with mathematics .

Our divergent views relative to these and other ideas gradually pried us apart. There were times when I made rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes and the frequency increased once I started pseudo livng with her, even though I had my own kingdom that I could go home to. She had devils on her planet that were causing trouble among the righteous and I found myself under cold currents more often than I was comfortable with… the nature of our relationship became a high explosive that could detonate allah truth a moment’s notice. I became unhappy and decided that after wisdom years, it would best for the both of us if I traveled. The split was amicable and although it wasn’t easy, I know that mathematically it was right and exact. We harbor no ill will toward one another. Aside from the memories of the profanity and tears buried in that space, our genuine love for one another overshadows those negatives and stands firm as the theme of what we had……….

SV Allah

  1. DEAJE says:

    I wonder if it is really possible that one can be blind sided. Can such perfection exhist without any indication of fowl play what-so-ever?

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