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I just started buildin’ with a brother that wants to get knowledge. The god came through the kingdom on the knowledge wisdom day so that we could get acquainted and I could introduce him to a few ideas that I have for his curriculum. It was a peace experience. The god seems to be a swift individual with potential, he will just need to study dilligently and he’ll reach the top of Mt. Everest. If he truly wants to make it, I’ll walk all 29,141 miles with him. Teaching is very edifying, not only for the student, but for the teacher as well. There’s a duality to the learning. The student is absorbing information and learning how to process it. The teacher is not only refining his or her ability to effectively impart knowledge, born u truth they are also refining their understanding of said knowledge.

I relish the opportunity to pass knowledge wisdom cipher on to someone who seeks it and manifest the knowledge build degree by doing my duty as a civilized person. The Father made this knowledge born in the poor part of the planet so that we could recover from mental death. With every recovery from said death comes the possibility of further recoveries, because there is another person of said ability to facilitate them walking the planet. I take this tradition very seriously because it is the way that our nation grows and endures.

As I take the god through the supreme math and pretty soon the supreme alphabets, I am reminded of when I was where he is, and how anxious I was to get where I am. Since I have walked this journey, from his position, I understand what it’s about and I can make it easy for him if he does his part. I build that wisdom equal both extract understanding from the experience and I will give all I have and all within my power to get the god from “who is the original man?” to Pluto.

SV Allah

  1. Nailah says:

    We should seek to persuade our own people to make an investment in the best of themselves, and in return they may recieve the riches of life. I believe you should continue to cultivate your own investment. Magnetize your own people. Your language, verbal and body. Your image, outer and inner should be calling and attracting your prople toward righteousness. Those who have gone astray…call them home SV Allah.


  2. BSMALLAH says:

    Peace! Builders Build-TEACH GOD!

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