Restrictive Laws

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Uncategorized


The Nation of Gods and Earths is just that, a nation. It is not a religion. We don’t have a leader, we are leaders. Aside from avoiding swine and homosexuality, we don’t really have any restrictive laws. Now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other things that the Nation frowns upon, born u truth ultimately, each God or Earth will write his/her own history, according to his/her own rules.

240, or the unknown (X) cipher of life outside of 120, is fully capable of invoking justice on you when you make a life calculation that is not right and exact. Therefore, we don’t need to have someone dictate to God or Earth what’s right and wrong, allah self this will vary from person to person. We all have to deal with the consequences of our decisions and actions. When we put variables in front of an equal sign, something will be yielded, and we will have to deal with that outcome. I can deal with someone bombing an individual if their ways and actions are bringing harm to or shame to the Nation. Born u truth, aside from advising a person from a mathematical perspective, I don’t advocate telling a person how to live their life or how to carry math. Correspondingly, I’m not honorin’ any individual pullin that savior he I square with me. We can debate, or build on something but my knowledge cipher degree born there is no mystery god so I don’t deal with that ten commandment bible math.

I resent the fact that some people, especially destory powers, always wanna tell you what you should or shouldn’t think, say, or do. God cipher divine writes his own Koran and when input from an outside source is required it will be requested accordingly.

SV Allah

  1. Sha-King Cehum Allah says:

    Peace God,
    I understand your point, we don’t have leaders. We do have leadership, however. Of which not everyone is qualified simply because someone told them they were God or Earth.

    Peace and keep buildin’…

  2. Nailah says:

    This really hit home. About a year ago I decided to break the covenant with a religion…Islam. Deemed as a religon of peace, seemed to me…more choatic than anything, as I gained more knowledge. It was so one dimensional. There was so much conflicts within myself and the demands of what you call “Restrictive Laws.” I don’t want to seem as if I can’t be a disiplined being, but I finally came to terms. For me spirit is first. I came across the Nation of Gods and Earth over a year ago and respected many aspects of the nation, but was especially intrigued with the concept that they see themselves as their own God. I thought what a way to see and treat self!


  3. BSMALLAH says:

    Peace! Point well-made and well-taken! Keep teaching god! Peace!

  4. Peace…

    Mind detect Mind, All-Ways on time…I was just explaining the basics of our Culture to a Black Woman the other day, and touched on this very same subject, only to see the same here lol

    I agree 100% tho, I Now-A-Days refrain from randomly pulling cards like I did when I was a baby in this..Today’s Math is Wisdom Equality, water always seeks it’s own level, and what’s drawn up must rain back down…The form it comes in, depends on the current of air, so it’s give ’em the facts, & that’s that! Correcting a person out of Respect & Love, and “trying” to discipline a person are 2 different things altogether…

    Allah Universal

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