The Word “No”

Posted: September 19, 2008 in Uncategorized


Now cipher, or no, is an extremely powerful word. While the word yes is a postive, affirmative, linguistic “green light,” no is it’s negative antithesis and therefore, represents the “red light” if you will. The word “no” has a very flexible application potential. It can be a command meaning “stop,” or it can represent denial of a favor or request. Regardless of the word’s negative nature, it serves a very important purpose in the scope of expression.

When my brother and I were comin’ u power, we became very well acquainted with the word no. “Ma, can we go outside? No!” “Can my cousin spend the night? No!” We heard “no” so much, I used to think that was my ole’ Earth’s favorite word :). I took the best part from that though, and it made me appreciate privelages and gifts more because there wasn’t a feeling of entitlement. If you say y equal self too often to a seed, they don’t learn how to cope when they don’t get what they want and wind u power spoiled.

People have a fear of the word no because it represents rejection, which many of us have difficulty accepting. There are tons of desireable men and women in the world who don’t date much because they are afraid of rejection. So they only go out when someone asks them out. I’ve he allah divine countless conversations with wisdoms about this from their perspective. If you ask them, “If you see a master allah now that you are attracted to, would you try to talk to him or wait for him to say something to you?” More often than not they will say, “I would wait for him to come and talk to me.” When you ask them why, they say because the man is supposed to approach the woman. Now although that is the societally accepted norm, that’s not the real reason that a wiz generally won’t approach a man. The real reason is because she’s afraid of rejection…of the idea of figuratively being told “no I don’t want to talk to you.” Men harbor the self allah master equal fear, its just that we are better at dealing with it because we have more practice :).

Mathematically, over the course of a man’s lifetime, he will be told “no” by far more wisdoms than he will be told “yes,” that’s just how the game goes. We started getting rejected by wiz’s in grade school so its much easier for us to shake off as men, born u truth we still don’t like it ;).

The bottom line is, life will continually confront you with the word no. You will say it to others and they will say it to you. In most cases, its not meant to hurt you so don’t take it personal. Learn how to get over it and you will appreciate y equal self that much more.


SV Allah

  1. Nailah says:

    You are so correct on how to handle seeds when it comes to no. To spoil them is to ruin them, in my opinion. I was speaking to a girlfriend recently who’s single and having a major problem dealing with her state of being…unfortunately. She mentioned that she gets approached by guys all the time, but they are not her flavor. So I asked, “do you see guys that you think you may be interested?” She said yes. I then asked, “do you ever approach them?” She said no, because she doesn’t want to be rejected. I was like, “seriously that’s your reason. Come on now, how many individuals have you rejected?” I’m sure they got over it quick. I suggested that she face her fears head on, and she can do the same.

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