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The knowledge degree in the 1-10 asks, “Who is the original man?” Original is the operative word. It means the first of a kind or unlike others. My ole’ Earth used to say that it takes somethin’ to be different, but it takes nothing to be like the crowd. Although at that true I master equal I wasn’t tryin’ to hear it, she was right and exact. Allah self I have gotten older, I have come to embrace the things about myself that are different while, developing an aversion to many things that are popular or typical of the masses. I don’t eat what everybody else eats, wear the same clothes that others wear, or listen to the same music others listen to. I do master equal. I’m not the slightest bit concerned about what someone else thinks.

This point started to twirl
around in my third as I watched a VH1 documentary on Prince. It’s no secret that this man is one of the most eccentric individuals in the world, particularly the world of “black music.” His style of dress is effeminate, to say the least, and his hair is longer than the average wisdom. Even still, he’s a musical genius who has managed to overcome whatever preconceived ideas that people held about him, and get them to appreciate his sound as it travels in all of its glory at 1,120 ft. per second. I would never love cipher cipher king to imitate his style because I have my own, born u truth I have the utmost repect for the master allah now, because he has never allowed society to make him act other than his
own self. He gives the finger to conformity and I can respect that. Shout out to everybody doin’ them and keepin savior he I square original.

SV Allah


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