Hard Times

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Uncategorized


Last night I was buildin’ with my ole Earth and she told me that one of her oldest and dearest friends had returned to the essence. Wisdom equal also discussed how my aunt has cancer and just lost her husband. I have another uncle that was also just diagnosed with cancer. There are seeds involved in both situations, who have to watch their parents suffer and possibly return back. That’s some heavy savior he I truth for them to bear. The knowledge knowledge degree in the 1-40 born the idea of “hard times.” It seems that most people are having them nowadays. Economically, this country is in a savior allah destroy state. The bullshit that these corporate snakes have been perpetuating is finally starting to haunt their asses and now they want the government to bail them out. Who the fuck is gonna bail out the original people in the poor part of this wilderness? It damn sure won’t be the government. That same knowledge knowledge degree states that “no relief came to us until the son of man came to our aid.” That means we must save oursleves and help each other, in order to overcome.

During tough times, its important that we love cipher cipher king out for one another. We can’t sit and watch friends and family go through things without reachin’ out to pick them up. Life is cyclical so just as they may need you now, there will come a time when you need them. It’s also important to stay in tune with those that you care about because they won’t always tell you when something is going on with them. A lot of people internalize their problems self cipher by the true I master equal you find out about the issue, its too late to be of assistance. Pick up the phone and call that person. Stop by and hang out with them for a while…you just might give them the strength that they need to carry on.

SV Allah


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