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Marriage is an institution that society perceives to be the proper relationship arrangement between a man and a woman. I happen to disagree for a variety of reasons, which is why marriage is not something that I advocate. The primary issues that I have with it are the two powers that govern it which are religion and the law. I am not religious and since I don’t bear witness to a mystery god I don’t feel the need to stand up and promise to run my relationship according to his laws. Emphatically now cipher! Secondly, since the laws of this wilderness in North America are written and enforced by the 10%, and I’m part of the 5%, said laws generally are not right and exact. They are written with the worst interest of my people in mind so I prefer that they wield as little influence over what goes on between myself and a wisdom as possible. Those being the primary reasons for my position, here are some others.

I have done the knowledge to marriages and how they function. My old dad is on his third marriage and my old Earth is looking to get married for a third true I master equal. I saw what happened with my ole Earth’s situations up close because I was there. The arrangements were doomed from the start because they ran off wisdom knowledge…in other words she ran shit, which is ass backwards. My ole Earth is strong willed, extremely swift, stubborn, and to top it off she has a smart mouth. If you come at her on some weak mild mannered current she’ll crush you. Neither my old dad nor my step-dad had the testicular fortitude to demand that the proper order of the universe be respected. She sensed that weakness and attacked it until they couldn’t take it anymore and decided to travel. Marriage is an institution that tends to emasculate a master allah now and make him act other than his own self. Not to say that a man should be a dictator to his wiz born u truth she damn sure shouldn’t be a dictator to him. I know a lot of married men that are in the process of leaving or are just stayin’ and gettin’ down on the side. Why? Because they never really wanted to get married in the first place. They did it because they “thought” it was what they were supposed to do. The perspective of the wisdoms can be even more bizarre in many cases. I know more than one wiz who said that they married men that they didn’t even love just because it was convenient or because they were used to him.
If you have a confused look on your face I don’t blame you. That shit makes absolutely no sense.

The root of these flawed decisions is a lack of knowledge. If you base a relationship on ideas and terms that are outside of the two individuals involved then it will rarely work. Said terms should be dictated by the man and the woman and customized to fit their preferences. If the terms are mutually understood and agreed upon then there is less room father cipher rule confusion. Also, a wisdom is only gonna reach her fullest equality if she is willing to accept and reflect the God’s light. If she can become one with her position in the universe and focus on it then she won’t end up crossing over into the God’s lane and causing trouble amongst the righteous. Correspondingly, the God must show and prove to be true and livin’. If he’s righteous and deals with things mathematically then the wisdom can feel secure and know that she is in god cipher cipher divine hands. You can’t project dim light and expect the queen to shine bright.

I don’t give a shit about a ring, a ceremony, or no honeymoon. That savior he I square is superficial and has nothing to do with loving and respecting one another. I place more stock in your ways and actions, particularly in difficult situations. If you show and prove when things get rough, that will go far with master equal. When I was in my last relationship it never ceased to amaze me when we hung around other couples who were married and they always seemed to be having more problems than us. That’s because they were in an arrangement that they were tired of and searching for that which does not exist.

SV Allah

  1. Peace God,
    Right and exact….the greatest marriage is in the MIND…

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