Understanding Ciphers

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today’s mathematics (understanding cipher) which draws up to understanding, represents a life stage. My physical degree being understanding wisdom, I am in the midst of said stage. It is a stage during which things become clear and one starts to extract the best part of experiences and social interactions. You start to revisit past thoughts and ideas, and effectively uncover jewels of wisdom that may be buried there. You also realize how important it is not to take anything or anyone on face value. In other words you can smell bullshit from a mile away :).

Considering my physical degree again, i’m inclined to refer to the corresponding degree in the 1-40 (32), which talks about the mental and physical powers of a real devil. The degree states that said powers are nothing in comparison to that of the original man. I know this to be right and exact because I see his allah savior savior trying to get me to fall victim to his civilization…that shit is laughable. I see the tricknowledge that he perpetuates in an ongoing effort to father u cee king over the original man, and vilify him, while making himself out to be the “good guy”. I see Mcain’s old wrinkled up ass standin’ up at the debate talkin’ all this shit about being victorious in war, yet he never defines what would constitute victory. I read countless articles in which rich, white, 10%, republicans (and even some oreo ass niggas) try to paint a picture of Obama as an uppity elitist. How the fuck could these “bloodsuckers of the poor” even fix their lips to spew such garbage when most of them have been second, third, or fourth generation beneficiaries of “white privelage” born out of the treacherous history and ongoing prevalence of “global white supremacy!” They indeed continue daily….(13:1-40) I need to stop cuz I feel myself manifestin’ a cold current and gettin’ master allah divine will have me at the justice spittin’ solar wind at the colored man…consider this post an expression of the god’s tension…shit ain’t always on no happy happy joy joy current in my third…



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