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The Law of Conservation of Energy basically states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, just transferred and manifested in different forms. I see this manifested socially in the way that people interact with one another. Wisdom equal all project a certain energy into the world that cannot be seen by the physical eye, but can be detected by others nonetheless. This projection of energy, when observed over time, is largely what others base their impressions of you on. Your energy effects and impacts other people so its important to be conscious of what you are putting out there. Generally, if it’s positive, then people will gravitate towards the magnetic. If its negative then they will be repelled and shy away from it.

Most powerful people have strong attracting powers that magnetize others. People just want to be around them because of their vibe and the currents of air that it produces. The key is to use said power to build as opposed to destroying because if you lead people, you certainly don’t want to point them in the wrong direction or “suck their blood” in order to advance self. The responsibility that you bear for those over whom you wield influence cannot be ignored because you could be directly linked to their success or failure in certain areas based on the mental food that you feed them and the ways and actions that they see you manifest. The idea is to shine your light with the intention of offering something edifying to others, that way you are acting in the best interest of the collective greater good.

SV Allah

  1. Nailah says:

    Great post SV Allah…keep it coming!


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