Dealing with Wisdom

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Uncategorized


Not only is wisdom today’s mathematics, but it is also the wisdom understanding degree in the supreme alphabet. It precedes (X) or unkown for a reason. That reason being, wisdoms have a natural desire to understand that which represents the unknown to them, particularly as it pertains to God(s). So they tend to ask a lot of questions, which may annoy us from time to time. Even still, patience needs to be excercised and knowledge needs to be made born. I have heard of gods not teaching their Earths 120 and that concerns me. If you don’t give her knowledge of herself, then how do you expect her to be able to understand you and deal with you mathematically? Part of the reason why a wisdom may be so inquisitive is because she may have been fed the wrong mental foods by other men with whom she has dealt. She can’t change that mental diet until she has access to a healthy alterantive, which the god must provide. When you build with that wiz in oder to breed a stronger understanding, you draw up power. That power allows her to trust that the light she is absorbing from you will sustain her and allow her to constantly elevate. Correspondingly, said power will keep you firm on your square because you will be in tune with the responsibility that you bear for her as the sun in her universe. Allah self, you can increase her understanding of various situations that she may encounter, you must take said ability seriously and approach it righteously in order to show and prove that you are the true and living god. After all she is your reflection, so she can only reflect the light that you shine.

SV Allah

  1. Born Supreme Master Allah says:

    Peace! Civilize means to TEACH Knowledge AND Wisdom(Man AND Woman)! Civilize means to teach ALL the human families of the planet earth! That includes the Woman! ALL is INCLUSIVE! Peace God!

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