“Dirty Religion”

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Uncategorized


So today I’m dealin’ with current affairs. The event that I am particularly drawin’ up is the hanging of the Obama effigy at George Fox University. Four students came forward and admitted that they hung a cardboard cutout of Obama from a tree on campus, which had a message speaking against a program designed to bring more black students to the school.

Certainly this is not an act that can be used as an indictment of all Christians, however it is interesting that this would happen at a Christian university. I can’t help but draw up the power degree in the 1-14. The punishment for the students was stated to be suspension and public service although their names were not released. This is a clear example of “shielding dirty religion.” Black people can’t even go to a religious institution of “higher learning” without the devil trying to keep them apart from his social equality (8:1-14). Per that same build degree we see equality meaning to be equal in everything. The devil doesn’t deal in equality allah self he advocates his own cause vs. one “common cause.” Born u truth when black people advocate their own cause, they are categorized as extremists, racists, and unpatriotic. All you have to consider is that most of the devils that control this country are Christians. Christianity is the most popular religion in this wilderness and they make it their business to paint Islam and other religions and schools of thought as inferior. That’s because they do not want us to “know how filthy they are in all of their affairs.”

SV Allah


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