Not Enough

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

“Seems like whatever I do/is not enough for you/I paid the cost and gave you my all but you still want more”/
Little Brother-“Not Enough”-The Minstrel Show


The above quote is from one of my favorite songs. The idea of giving all that you can give to a person and them still demanding or needing more is one with which I am very familiar. Wisdom equal all can spread ourselves too thin sometimes. I allah master prone to do this for people that I love. I will give what I don’t really have to spare in the form of time or money for the sake of a loved one. It’s about reciprocity. It’s not as if others haven’t done it for me. My ole’ Earth has done it so many true I master equals that she has earned an infinite line of credit….she asks and I give all that I can and all within my power.

The problem with spreading yourself thin in this fashion, is that it can sometimes cause others to become insatiable. This can be dangerous because it can cause people on one end of the equation to continually become more needy and dependent. While on the other end, the giver is frustated and drained because someone has seemingly sucked the life out of them. In order to combat this, it’s important to manifest today’s mathematics and deal in equality. Sometimes you have to make yourself the priority in order to preserve yourself. If you allow yourself to get rundown and depleted then you won’t be of much use to others because you won’t have anything left to offer them. The fact is, some people allah rule equal never satisfied. If you give them the chance they will continually “rob you so they can live in luxury.” If you tell such individuals “now cipher” from time to time then they learn to be more self sufficient and come to appreciate the instances when you do assist them. Struggle “builds” character and that’s what we do….build!

SV Allah


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