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I Sincerely Love Allah’s Mathematics! That statement holds true each and everyday and each and every way for master equal. The truth lies in the right and exact nature of the math. It’s very reassuring to know that it won’t ever lie. And if you apply it with the righteous intentions of a civilized person, your infinite power to build will continually manifest itself over and over again. Allah self of late, I have seen this reality manifested in some amazing ways.

One of the primary ways that I experience the power of allah’s math is in my ability to see things before they happen. Not that i’m psychic or anything, it’s just that based on the variables that I draw up surrounding people and situations, I can generally calculate/predict outcomes. This is possible because of the foundation from which our math expands…knowledge. The fact that knowledge represents that which is conceptually definite and can be infinitely built upon, you just continue progressing forward until you get to born, and you can’t go wrong. Knowledge wisdom cipher has checks and balances built into it to keep you right and exact. It’s about order, and mathematics maintains the order of the universe at large, as well as our individual universes. Self cipher if your life is messy or disorderly, get some mathematics about yourself….the born degree in the 1-14 proves that it’s possible for you to clean yourself up…..


SV Allah

  1. Born Saviour Me Allah says:

    Peace to The God! Always a worth while experience to visit your page and cee the thoughts u r ntertaining! Today s Build-definitely some news I can use! Peace and thanks to The God SupremeVictory Allah!

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