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Operationally, knowledge cipher can be drawn up to knowledge in two ways. From an addition standpoint, knowledge cipher is all born to knowledge. From a divison angle, 10/10 born knowledge allah self well. Self cipher in that sense, both the negative and positive polarities of mathematics are manifested.

The knowledge cipher degree in the 1-10 states, “What is the said birth record of nations other than Islam? ans. Buddhism is 35,000yrs. old, Christianity is 551yrs old.” This degree makes a statement about religion vs. mathematics. The statement is that belief against knowledge is always a mismatch in favor of knowledge. The belief aspect of religion causes it to be limited because it can waver. If you attack a belief analytically, it can generally be easily refuted, if not rendered completely invalid. Knowledge is not so assailable because it can’t be refuted. Anything that can be shown and proven is irrefutable. The only way to fight knowledge is with more knowledge which yields more extensive understanding. Born u truth if you show up to a match of wits armed with belief as your weapon of choice and your opponent is armed with knowledge, all they need is a functional degree of understanding to crush you.

Religion is limited because it only extends back so far. It generally starts at the point of humanity’s manifestation. It says very little about Allah and his state of existence prior to said manifestation. This is just one example of a question that religion doesn’t answer. Mathematics does, allah’s mathematics born the answers to all such questions….it’s like the 1972 Miami Dolphins….undefeated!

SV Allah

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