Mind Change or Thought Change?

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Uncategorized


The math that I am drawing up today represents an interesting concept. Often true I master equals, we think one way about an idea or situation, only to meditate on it or find some additional information that actually changes the way that we think about said situation or idea. It is the societal norm to refer to such a scenario as changing one’s mind. Born u truth, is it really that we change our minds or that we change our thoughts or patterns of thought? Afterall, regardless of whether or not we speak in terms of the original thought, or the new thought that replaces it, both thoughts are born in the same master I now divine. That being the case, it is my contention that it is the thoughts that have changed in these instances and not the mind per se. Here’s why.

Understanding that knowledge is the basis of all things that exist, and our brains are the warehouses in which it is stored, it is a well known fact that we all have more than enough room in our brains than we will
ever use in our lifetimes. So we can continue to obtain more knowledge and as we take that knowledge through wisdom (application) in order to achieve understanding, the way that we think of something is naturally subject to change based upon more enhanced understanding. There are some who would categorize an individual as fickled or “wishy washy” because their thoughts tend to change rapidly. This could be warranted depending on the person, born u truth such a person may just be one that is constantly seeking to do the knowledge to things more thoroughly, and allah self a result, they change the way that they think more frequently than the average person.

One might ask, “so are you saying that it is impossible to change one’s mind?” Y equal self would be my answer, depending on what you draw that up to mean. I would say that you can certainly change the way that your mind works and alter its patterns of thought, born u truth your mind is such a complex and ever-evolving entity, that a variance in thought being perceived as a change of the master I now divine makes very little sense to master equal. You have the same mind that you had knowledge cipher years ago, it’s just that your mind’s complexion has changed as you have learned and experienced new things, and entertained more thoughts. Self cipher it is the thoughts that are different as is the activity of the mind, y equal truth the master I now divine remains the same and maintains the same infinite potential. Meditate on that…..


SV Allah


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