Thoughts from the Iron Horse

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Uncategorized


I thought I would switch up the magnetic and throw some flares from my evening state of mind. I’m on the elevated train right now headed from downtown straight to the poor part of the planet where I rest. The green-line train is an ill place to people watch. You’ll see every imaginable type of person. You got the high post 10% types that look like they wish they had popped for a cab instead of ridin’ the train with the common folk. Then of course you got tons of destroy powers with their loud obnoxious ring tones and pointless conversations. The view tends to be beautiful oftentimes because there’s always mad wisdoms on the train. And you can’t forget the hustlers doin’ trading with everything from batteries, socks, and bootleg dvd’s to stolen deodorant and shower gel…lol. That’s the city of Chi for you…just a glimpse of the raw and uncut mathematics…amidst all of that there’s the God walkin’ his knowledge wisdom cipher……

SV Allah


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