Posted: October 23, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today’s degree in the 1-40 born the concept of promise. It asks, “what did he promise his nation that he would do?” When we make promises we basically “bind” (culture degree/1-14) oursleves to a commitment to show and prove that our “word shall be bond regardless of whom or what” (knowledge knowledge degree/1-14). This is a serious proposition because you are putting a person in a position to rely on you, so if your word fails then you fail them which shows and proves that our actions don’t only effect us, but also those who are close to us.

This is another testament to the fact that true and living Gods and Earths live 120 and don’t just quote it. Although wisdom equal are not perfect we strive for perfection by constantly refining ourselves in areas where we master allah y fall short. As civilized people who are held responsible for the uncivilized, we give all that we have and all within our power to teach those that do not know and manifest our love for Allah’s mathematics by living it out. This is what we promised our nation that we would do.



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