Something New

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Uncategorized


When I was young, like most inner-city youth, we were broke. I wasn’t that dude rockin fly gear, jordans, or jewelery. We had enough to get by but that was it. That being the case, there was always something electric to me about getting something new. Whether it was an article of clothing, a pair of shoes, or a fly new cassette tape, I was always on ten just because I had something new. There was just a feeling about having something new that was ill. Believe it or not, I still get that same feeling to this day :o). “So God, even though you’re a grown man and you buy yourself what you need and want, you still get geeked when you get somethin’ new?” Y equal self! I guess that’s just somethin’ that carried over from my childhood. It’s like a built in humility expression so it’s not all together a bad thing. Right now, I have my eyes on a new cell phone. The phone that I have now, the t-mobile mda, is a very peace device and has served me well over the last wisdom years. Born u truth, it’s on it’s last leg and I am eagerly anticipating getting something new. It will either be the G1 (google phone) or the HTC touch pro. I have done the knowledge on them and they both seem to meet my standards for a smartphone. This will be my Christmas gift to myself. I am very anxious “to see this day which I have waited” seemingly 379 years for. And it will be just as much of a “free transportation to the Holy City of Mecca” as it was when I was a king I divine :o).

SV Allah

  1. Serenity Love Divine Earth says:

    There is nothing wrong with that feeling (as applied to matierial possessions). That feeling will keep you grounded.

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