The Atlantic Ocean…

Posted: November 2, 2008 in Uncategorized


Peridically, those of us with knowledge wisdom cipher on cap will recite it out loud in order to refine our retention of our lessons. While going through this labor, we may encounter a cognitive “hill or mountain” that disrupts the rhythm of the recital. This obstacle comes in the form of a degree that we may mis-quote or momentarily forget. Since this happens to us all from true I master equal to true I master equal, it speaks to the necessity of the study. This actually happened to master equal yesterday as I walked from “who is the original man to Pluto.” Oddly enough, the obstacle that I was momentarily stumped by was today’s degree in the actual facts. For whatever reason, within’ my third there was a slight glitch in the matrix causing me to forget that “the Atlantic Ocean covers 41,340,000sq. miles.” Although the mental lapse was only momentary it wisdom allah self frustrating nonetheless. Humbling experiences can be that way sometimes born u truth in many cases they “build” character, so we take the best part and move on.

SV Allah


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