“We are one”

Posted: November 4, 2008 in Uncategorized


There’s a line in a Frankie Beverly and Maze song that says, “we are one.” True indeed. We are all linked to one another especially those that we love. When someone that you care about is going through trials and tribulations, it feels like you are going through them as well. Actually, you are because the energy associated with that struggle is being transferred to you whether it be consciously or subconsciously. This happens because we naturally want to help someone that we love, by sharing their hell, so that they can get back right. It hurts you more to watch them suffer than it does to share their struggle in order to lighten the load on them. This is one of the most beautiful aspects of humanity and it shows and proves that there is love inside of us all, just in varying quantities. That desire to help a person when they are hurting is divine and to ignore them and allow them to fall is destructive. I just can’t do it. My knowledge born degree states that “his blood will I require at your hand.” I’m straight on all that bloody hand math. When I return to the essence and they draw up that culture or feedom degree asking, “what kind of life did he live?” I want it said that I gave all that I had and all within’ my power to see that those that I loved knew it based on my culture and the freedom with which I manifested that love. It’s only right as others have held me down throughout my life. I allah master eternally greatful.

SV Allah

  1. DEAJE says:

    I appreciate your entry today as I am currently in that situation. My question to you would be… What if you were going through something that was so intense that you personally could not see self putting someone else anywhere near it. Despite their desire to the contrary. Is it one’s right to alienate a person who truely means well because of one’s own fears. Is it morally right to open the door to a person and sit them down at your table of destruction offering them servings of your struggle to digest along with you…..

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