“Carpe Diem”

Posted: November 26, 2008 in Uncategorized


I love it when plans come together. Typically, when they do, it is the result of sound calculations which any self respecting supreme mathematician strives to make. Today was such a day. It just seemed that everything that I built to see manifest came to be. In large part this was do to master equal trusting my own judgement and seizing opportunities.

When one lives mathematics, allah self the knowledge degree states, he/she writes their own history, thereby shaping their own reality. We don’t sit at home and wait for a mystery god to do this for us. That being the case, in order to take a page out of Yacub’s book, and be successful in all of our undertakings, we have to make the most of opportunities to make things happen when they present themselves. The build degree deals with the science of causation. The more effective one is at being a causitive force, the more productive they can be at creating the life that they want to live. It’s important that we bask in our triumphs the same way that we tend to dwell on our failures. Peace and hapiness being two of our knowledge wisdom jewels we are entitled to them so enjoy them…I know I do :oD

SV Allah


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