Black Friday

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Uncategorized


“The trader made an inter-orientation saying they would receive more gold for our labor…” (28/1-36)

It is a well known phenomenon that the day after Thanksgiving is referred to allah self “Black Friday” allah-king-allah, the busiest shopping day of the year. People get in line at obscene hours of the morning and night hoping to get as many bargains as they can. If this is something that you participate in more power to you. Perhaps if you have seeds to provide for I can see how this would be a big deal. Born u truth from where I sit, it’s some bullshit that I can’t get with.

I’ll be damned if imma be out in front of Best Buy @ culture understanding cipher in the morning, freezin’ my allah savior savior off to get power cipher% off a fuckin’ ipod…lol. No way, no how. I saw people out there camped out last night @ the knowledge cipher hour with tents in front of the store! It’s just not that serious for the god. Although the prices may be low monetarily speaking, the invested time required to get the bargain is high, therefore nullifying the true benefit. And a good number of these stores will give u comparable deals online so the need to stand out in the cold just to walk around the store and shop is not as pronounced as one might think.

From another angle, this whole Black Friday thing is rooted in tricknowledge anyway. The idea is to get you to buy more simply because you spend less on each individual thing. In this tough economic climate these stores are desperate to get as much of your gold as possible. That being the case, be frugal with it. Use your mathematical mind and calculate the areas in which you can truly get the max for the minimum. Don’t over spend because it’s not that serious. Anybody that can’t appreiciate a moderately priced gift given from the heart doesn’t deserve one.

SV Allah

  1. Olu says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I use to find myself “inventing” excuses or things in my mind that I “just had to have” to get stuff, not any more


  2. Maternal says:

    I certainly did not overspend…waited until the knowledge hour in the PM to go out and the prices were NOT that good. So much for the idea though.
    I don’t do crowds anyhow….Ha

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