Annual Understanding

Posted: December 1, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today being the knowledge day of the knowledge wisdom & final month of the year, I allah master drawing up a sense of monthly beginning, as well as the beginning of the end of another year. With there being knowledge wisdom months in a year and that being born to understanding, I can’t help but draw up what I have learned since January. I have experienced some interesting things. I broke up with a queen that I had been with for wisdom years. It was rough b.u.t. we got through it. About culture months later, my relationship with my current queen began and in that short square I master equal we have navigated our share of trials and tribulations. Even still it’s peace and I will that as long as our love for one another is strong and we live mathematically then we will be fine. I knowledged 120 this year and embarked on a new cognitive reality which will last for the rest of my life. When I reflect on cipher build, it has definitely been quite a wild ride. I will that cipher born will be a year during which I continue to grow in this math and it continues to spread throughtout the world liberating and magnetizing original people wherever knowledge is made born.

We continue to study the science of everything in life so that the foundation from which we operate will continually be reinforced. The more knowledge we accumulate, the better teachers we can be because we have that much more light to shine.

SV Allah


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