The Best Part

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Uncategorized


Today’s mathematics is understanding which is indeed the best part. We often say that love represents the highest form of understanding, which is right and exact because love represents arrival at the ultimate heart/mind common ground between two or more people. It is the point where we transcend consciousness of our singular existence and merge with others to become part of a couple or collective entity. This is why we draw up seeds to be synonymous with understanding because they are born of the union of wisdom understanding chromosomes from knowledge & wisdom linking to create a new life to which each parent equally contributed. Understanding is indeed a beautiful thing whether it be represented by a seed or a mental Mecca at which two loving individuals can arrive :o)

Note: there is new interview posted on Asia Talk so do the knowledge (go to & type 20936 into the search bar)

SV Allah


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