I Cee Allah Now

Posted: December 5, 2008 in Uncategorized


“I cee allah now.” When I was a shorty my ole’ Earth found this statement to be music to her ears. She hated to hear master equal or my younger physical say “I can’t.” Now that I allah master an adult I see why. In her own way, she was forcing us to bear witness to our own power, which is today’s mathematics. Power or refinement to be right and exact. I have inherited her disdain for that “I can’t” phrase. In the words of my educator’s educator, Master Najee Allah, “that’s some weak shit.”

In my estimation, people are way too quick to say what they can’t do, often times with out even trying. One cannot possibly know whether they can or can’t do something until they try. Trying is doing the knowledge via an attempt to see if said attempt yields success or failure. Regardless of which outcome is brought about understanding will be the key by product, which is the best part. Self cipher before you say “I can’t” at least try, you never know what you are capable of. You just may find that you are powerful beyond measure.

SV Allah

  1. Olu says:

    I am always appreciative of your posts and I subscribe to the A.S.I.A. gabcast through itunes, good stuff


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