Posted: December 10, 2008 in Uncategorized


Allah self you move through this life you will do many different things. Each of these things will have repercussions which can be positive or negative. Today’s degree in the alphabet is justice. It deals with the idea of being rewarded or penalized for one’s actions. Knowledge wisdom cipher has justice as a theme in various places. The wisdom born degree says that “when one fell victim to the law, the penalty was death…” In other words, Yacub wasn’t tryin’ to hear no excuses. If you crossed him, your ass was dead.

Today’s mathematics is knowledge cipher abbt knowledge. If you apply that to justice you acknowledge that each cipher has it’s own laws by which justice is exacted. Therefore, one’s ability to move within said cipher will hinge upon how aware one is of the laws and customs of the cipher, self cipher it all comes back to that foundation, which is knowledge. If you move to a new city without doin’ the knowledge to the laws and ways of that land you can easily fall victim. By going under the proper study you can avoid walking into to a complete unknown.

SV Allah


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