God Has no Offdays

Posted: December 11, 2008 in Uncategorized


I took the day off from the justice today. I woke up late, had a headache, and overall was not feelin’ it. The thing that I draw up about it is that, the show will go on. Although I know my contribution is valuable, the work at the justice will get done whether I’m there or not. That cipher is setup that way. However, the universe is set up differently.

We can’t take off days from being God or Earth. Today’s degree born the science that we don’t sit at home and wait for a mystery god to bring us food, clothing, and shelter. We obtain these things for ourselves. We live mathematics, which never stops moving, self cipher neither do we. Therefore, we build 24/7 understanding equality power. Our work is never done. God and Earth must continue daily to elevate. As the sun, God continues to shine his light so that the Earth can absorb it and use it to sustain life. Depending on the current of air, he may need to shine that much brighter to inject warmth into the cipher and dry up any distilled water.

Allah self long as each party plays their role, then the appropriate synergy can be established and equality will be the order of each and every day. Today’s math is all born to wisdom which represents wise words. Word is bond and bond is life, so if a queen is going to trust God to lead her in the right direction then that degree must be shown and proven consistently. If it is, then the stage is set for two people to love right as opposed to loving hell.

SV Allah


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