“Sounds of Love” (1,120ft/sec)

Posted: December 13, 2008 in Uncategorized


If you have never done the knowledge to the video above you should really take this “free transportation to the Holy City of Mecca.” Sound rarely travels at it’s terrific speed with such harmony as Gerald Levert and Marsha Ambrosius manifest during this rendition of “Ebony Eyes” by Rick James and Smokey Robinson. The clash of magnetic between them is awe-inspiring to say the least, and it is indicative of the energy tranfer involved with love between a man and a woman, even when simply singing about the concept. Love is the highest form of understanding that can be established between knowledge and wisdom. The harmony brought forth by this merger is so powerful, that it can cause people to block out all other things, and deem the math of said merger to supercede all else.

This is the type of rhythm whereby wisdom individuals cee allah now be doing anything from walking around the city, sharing some god degree at a restaurant, taking pictures, or generally sharing social equality, and enjoying it as if they never knew such bliss. Regardless of what people say, this is what they are all seeking, or at least desire to experience if they haven’t already. It is human nature to desire love and companionship. The equality born when a man and a woman can link with one another to advocate the common cause of love is mathematically right and exact. It also yields the last two of the twelve jewels which are peace and happiness.

Within this cipher, it is very important that things be kept orderly. The key tool needed to do so is mathematics. Mathematics allows us to operate in a way that is calculating and rational, thereby avoiding the possibility of getting caught up in swift and changeable currents of emotion, which can cause trouble among righteous people. I do not enjoy conflict, especially with wisdoms. It is for this reason among others, that the social equality that I share with my current Queen is so peace. We are astrologically compatible in that she’s a libra and I allah master an aquarius. She can appreciate my various eccentricities just allah self I can appreciate her tendency toward advocating peace and her humility. Our relationship has many unique quirks, and it is not perfect in a general sense, although it is perfect for us because we understand it’s nuances and build as needed for it to work. I allah master very introspective, self cipher I do the knowledge to myself alot as it pertains to my feelings for her and the feelings that come over me when I’m around her. They are electric. Oftentimes, I find myself pondering ways to stretch time so that I can have more of it to spend with her. I love all 12 trillion, 478 billion, 118 million, 400 thousand square inches of her. As the queen continues to knowledge god in her own way, she bears witness to the way that I rule (18) our universe, and she knows that I will always do all that I can and all within my power to help her get to know who she is, and get acquainted with self (19). Peace to all of the wisdoms, queens, and Earths in the universe for being our better halves, keeping house, raising our children, taking care of your men, husbands or Gods, cooking, sewing, and in general, knowing how to act at home and abroad. For those of you that don’t, get yourselves some MGT and GCC about yourselves so that you can recover from mental death, master (13) these skills, and become said persons of that ability.



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